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The GG Cain Company Guide to building a Custom Home

1- Develop the concept

One of the best starting points is with questions about your lifestyle and tastes. We encourage you make notes about your family’s daily routine and homes that you find appealing.

  • What style of home do you like? Arts and Crafts, Country French, Colonial, Craftsman, Dutch, English Tudor, Italian Villa, Mediterranean, Traditional, Tuscan, Etc. Often we see photos or magazine pictures of styles you like?
  • Do you eat breakfast? On the go or around the table?
  • Is relaxation about a reading nook, a media room, a piano or a chaise lounge by the pool?
  • Do you take showers or prefer to soak in a tub?
  • Do you enjoy cooking?
  • Do gatherings always end up in the kitchen, do you like that?
  • Does the cook in the family envision both an indoor and outdoor kitchen?
  • Do you require space for exercise equipment?
  • Do you have kids?
  • Do you Like to entertain?
  • Will you stay in this home long enough to consider special needs equipment?
  • Do you need a private study?
  • With a separate entrance?
  • What are your budget constraints?

At the end of this phase we have determined generally what style home we will be building, we have a ballpark cost, and we know where we are going to build.

2 – Finalize Plans, Specifications and Contracts

Your home plans and specifications will emerge from our collaboration based on a self study of your life, resulting in a home that fits your family’s lifestyle and tastes.

Now we will start to focus the concept. We will meet with our award-winning architect or work with plans you have already developed. We’ll meet, talk, review and revise. We want to be sure your home makes the best use of the site and maximizes views of the surrounding terrain – all while delivering an inviting floor plan to suit your particular lifestyle. Very soon, you’ll have your initial plan, which we’ll work on together to mold and refine until you’re enchanted.

During the plan development we will massage costs and determine the budgets for the materials that will be used in building your home.

We will decide what type contract structure you are the most comfortable with. And introduce you to financial institutions if needed.

At the end of this phase we have plans, detailed specifications, a signed contract, and interim financing in place.

3 - Building your Home

Now the fun begins!

The GG Cain Company will be responsible for all of the construction, the permitting process, building codes, inspections, material orders and deliveries, and dozens of skilled craftsman as we build your home from the ground up.

As we follow the GG Cain Company proprietary schedule to managing the building of your home you’ll be able to look ahead on the schedule to see future decisions that need to be researched and made.

The GG Cain Company staff and trusted craftsmen will bring their knowledge and experience to guide you through the decision making. While you are encouraged to visit the site as often as you like we will have a regularly scheduled weekly meeting to discuss and document selections, answer questions, and plan for future decisions.

If you have an existing relationship with another designer, we’re happy to assist and coordinate with your trusted advisor.

With introductions to our established suppliers you will be able to select the materials and fixtures of your home knowing you are getting the best value for the dollar. Naturally you are welcome to work with any supplier you choose.

What makes a true custom home is the ability to add features as the project unfolds. In the weekly meetings we will uncover the subtle nuances of your family’s lifestyle.

Do you:

  • Want to turn a fan on without getting out of bed?
  • Need built in reading lights or art spots?
  • Watch TV in bed?
  • Need network hardwired, or wireless?
  • Need lockers by the back door?
  • Have special floor plug locations?
  • Want Christmas light plugs?
  • Want a pot filler at the stove?
  • Etcetera, etcetera

As the project moves forward we will create a story board of wood, tile, paint and specialty finishes including specialty architectural pieces and antiques or reclaimed materials, anything you are interested in to make your home uniquely yours. *

4 - Enjoy Your Home for a Lifetime

When your home is complete, the real story begins - a story of family, a story of memories and pride of ownership. Our team shares a passion for client satisfaction – and we mean satisfaction for life. It is our privilege to remain available to you for as long as you own your GG Cain Company home - not only for warranty issues but for help and advice on any topic about your home. We are here for you long after the building is finished.

*Building from afar

We understand that some people have the need to build a home before moving to the area. We can anticipate and accommodate issues related to building of your home in advance. Your home can be designed, every detail accounted for, and every decision made, before the first stone is set. We can keep you updated with photos and periodic visits. When you relocate to the area your home will be complete and as you envisioned.

The GG Cain Company - Custom Builder
The GG Cain Company - Custom Builder
The GG Cain Company - Custom Builder
The GG Cain Company - Custom Builder
The GG Cain Company - Custom Builder
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