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Our Promise

The G.G. Cain Company was founded in 1980 with the experience of three generations of custom home building. With that experience comes a dedication to the highest degree of professionalism, value and personal service to you and your family. Our hands-on approach assures that your investment is treated with great care from start to finish.

Your home is important to your family, perhaps encompassing the dreams of a lifetime. The GG Cain Company understands that our primary responsibility is to you, the homeowner. Our personal commitment to you is that your home will be built to the highest quality standards and that you will be treated with honesty and integrity. You deserve and should expect no less.

Building a home is a commitment to a relationship between the builder and your family. The G.G. Cain Company understands that commitment and strives to make the building process an enjoyable one.


A G.G. Cain Company Home

There is a lot that goes into building a home and often what you do not see is more important than what you do see.

So, what is behind the pretty walls and under the pretty floor?

GG Cain Company House Framing


A great home starts with a solid foundation. All of The G.G. Cain Company’s Foundation Designs begin with site soils analysis. Foundations are then designed by a registered Professional Engineer for the specific site. Our foundations are generally a Post Tensioned Slab on grade with piers around the perimeter and at the intersection of each grade beam approximately 10 to 12 feet apart. Each home is individually evaluated and the foundation designed to meet its unique needs. Locations with structural point loads and/or masonry fireplaces have extra piers placed directly under them. Piers are either end bearing or friction... friction piers are typically 20 feet deep.

GG Cain Company House Framing


In framing our homes:

  • We insist on having an engineered framing plan
  • We use steel beams where necessary
  • We always use open web trusses between floors
  • We use tongue and grooved 1 1/8” decking both glued and screwed to eliminate squeaking

In short, we do not cut corners. While for some builders it is easy to cover the essentials with wall coverings and flooring, the GG Cain Company is unwilling to compromise on the structure of your home. We build your home like we would if we were building for ourselves or for a family member.

GG Cain Company House Framing

Green Building

The G.G. Cain Company was “Green” before the word green was associated with a tight energy efficient home. We routinely install in our homes:

  • Ultra High E.E.R. (Energy Efficiency Ratio) Geo-Thermal Heating and Cooling (since 1995)
    • 2 – speed compressors
    • Variable speed fans
    • Zone Control
    • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Foam insulation: capturing attic and ductwork in the energy envelope
  • High Performance House wrap
  • Reflective metal roofing
  • Fluorescent and LED lighting
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Aerobic Waste Water Systems (where required)
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