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Our History
Grover Glenn Cain (G.G.) didn't know it when he was born, but building was in his blood.
Grover Mathers - GG Cain's Grandfather

In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s GG’s grandfather, “Grover” Mathews was a farmer, a radio repair man, and quite possibly the first electrician in Collin County. As transmission lines were starting to stretch across the countryside ...

Grover was the man to call anywhere in the North Collin County area if you were ready to wire your home. Grover was always helping his neighbors and church friends. In 1978, at age 86, Grover was still up on a ladder repairing a roof for someone in his Sunday school class.

Hershelle 'Glenn' Cain - GG Cain's father

In 1946 GG’s dad, Hershelle “Glenn” Cain, came back from the second world war to his young family and built their first home on a GI loan. He built the home with his own hands with the help of friends and family. He even had to add a new refrigerator and cook stove to get the price up to the $6000 minimum required to qualify for the GI plan. Little did he know at the time he would be starting a legacy to be handed down through three … and maybe more generations?

That was a different time … growing up in the construction business and after 30 years of building GG and Shannon have seen many changes. Homes have become larger and more detailed, lifestyles have become more complicated, and technology has and is changing.

Today, much more time is spent understanding, designing and tailoring a home to fit a family’s specific needs and lifestyle. Materials have changed, code requirements have changed, and people are more concerned with and more aware of energy efficiency. For some, a specific style of home is important, for others, incorporating the latest technology. Whatever your concern, GG or Shannon have probably experienced it.

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